[Beginner]Can't see records in large table

From: Guyren Howe <guyren_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 15 May 2013 23:40:29 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <b9c5e17e-810c-4773-9014-f59833dcf32c_at_googlegroups.com>

I consider myself pretty decent with Postgres and MySQL. But I'm really struggling with Oracle, clearly because the administration model is really different.

I've very little experience with Oracle. A week ago, I was given a 150GB Oracle dump and asked to import it into our MySQL (I know: horror) database.

I gave up after about 3 days getting Oracle installed on Ubuntu, and wound up installing it on a Windows Vista VM (I know: horror).

After a great deal of faffing about, I *think* I got the dump imported. I was days on this because it would seem to sort of work maybe, but I got a lot of errors. It seems that Oracle won't actually expand a database past 32GB until you manually create extra files for the tablespace, so after I created about 6, I ran the import again, and when I ran a query against dba_log and dba_segments that I found online, to show me how much space all my tables are taking up, I have over 3000 tables, many of them taking up a non-trivial amount of space.

My current problem (this last week has been a litany of such confusions) is that when I query against any of the top half dozen tables from this query, I get no rows.

The tables involved are owned by a variety of users (I understand that rather than separate databases, I use user accounts as some sort of proxy for separate databases -- is that right?), but I am querying them from an account for which I did:

grant dba to <user> with admin option

So my current question (I'm sure there will be more -- is there a beginners list where this would be better?) is: how can I have a large table where I can't see any rows in it?

To make things more fun, the folks we got the dump from should be considered hideously expensive if not actively hostile. Received on Thu May 16 2013 - 08:40:29 CEST

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