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From: Mladen Gogala <>
Date: Wed, 15 May 2013 19:05:20 +0000 (UTC)
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I'm posting this discussion here, because of the moderator on one of the LinkedIn forums. The post that has probably irritated the moderator was the following:

"Nuno, everything is virtual these days. The mere word "virtual" sells
things. With the advent of the little blue pill produced by Pfizer, even some body parts can be considered virtual and thinly provisioned, as needed.I'm almost tempted to ask for a virtual beer, but then again, I know better. I keep my beer real."

This was prompted by a post containing nothing more than a blog link to the post about virtual databases, amid the debate with the title "To RAC or not to RAC". Fortunately, there are no moderators here, so the debate can be safely moved to CDOS.

What the heck are "virtual databases"? I consider a database real, for as long as I have to pay the real money for the instance(s) managing it. As soon as Oracle allows me to pay them with the Monopoly money, I will accept the term "virtual database". The term "virtual" is the marketing buzzword of the day, similar to the prefix "e-" from the late 90's. There is a famous Dilbert making fun of that. PHB had a title "Director of Information and Office Technology", or DIOT for short. To follow the fashion, Dilber suggested prefixing the title with the "e-", resulting in
"e-DIOT". I wish someone made something like that with the ubiquitous
adjective "virtual".

1) This is not about the virtual private database, which is something

   completely different, just like John Cleese in the bathing suit.

2) The post was directed to Noons, well known member of this forum.

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