Re: Casualties of Sandy

From: joel garry <>
Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2012 13:59:33 -0800 (PST)
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On Nov 2, 3:33 am, Noons <> wrote:
> joel garry wrote,on my timestamp of 2/11/2012 11:18 AM:
> > Google about for pix of fleets of flooded taxicabs, masses trying to
> > get on buses, mobs desperate to charge their cellphones, hospitals
> > emptying out because they put the generator in the basement that
> > flooded, and gas shortages.  And stories of people hiking up 22
> > flights to apartments with no power or water.
> Hey, the first 5 years of my married life we lived in an appartment in Europe
> where water didn't have enough pressure to reach the 10th until around 2am, and
> the lift power went off 5 days a week.
> I got the perfectly toned legs(cough!...) I have today out of carrying 20 litre
> jerry cans of water up the 10th floor via never-ending stairs, twice a day...
> See, it's actually good for your health.  And we didn't need no stinken hurricanes!

A few more computer disaster links in including one about people running bucket brigade up stairs to generator on roof because fuel pumps in flooded basement shorted out.


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