Re: Pluggable database in 12C

From: TheBoss <>
Date: 23 Oct 2012 22:20:04 GMT
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Noons <> wrote in

> On Oct 22, 4:11 pm, Noons <> wrote:

>> But I'm getting some alert messages that I don't understand.  They
>> are 

> not
>> warnings, nor errors.  Just "comments", I guess? (for what purpose?)

> Some of the messages I'm seeing:
> "Thread 1 cannot allocate new log, sequence 167
> Private strand flush not complete"
> This is on a db with 6 redo log of 1GB each.
> Doing a search on that seems to indicate the message is relatively
> harmless in 11gr2.
> If it is, then why put it there in the first place?
> And what does it REALLY mean and what is the remediation if any?

Did you check MOS for this?
It has several notes related to this.
According to my notes, the most relevant are:

Checkpoint Tuning and Troubleshooting Guide [ID 147468.1] Manual Log Switching Causing "Thread 1 Cannot Allocate New Log" Message in the Alert Log [ID 435887.1] Can Not Allocate Log [ID 1265962.1]


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