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Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2012 09:24:52 +0300
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> What version of Oracle did you start with?
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> ms fnd in a lbry

Not sure but...used
Digital VAX/VMS, SQL*Forms version 2 with the Oracle 5 database. 1985: Oracle Corporation released Oracle version 5, which supported the client-server model-
 version 4, was still in use, in some site. After a while Oracle released PC/AT version.

But within living memory, it is quite a long time. I have ordered the very first mouse into company (dueto Excel first release), PC's were new, (not invented yet , in the very beginning), VT220-terminal typical.
Somebody liked OS/2 but WfW win with killer application:Excel

Teleprinters was also in use (old fashioned) during stydy, but far better than punch cards which my older syster has worked with . Laser printer exist only in capital city . A00-colourprinter cost about $200.000 , corporate purchased one after loosing one big deal for competitor with A00-colourprintouts.

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