Re: Hardware, Cores, Licenses

From: joel garry <>
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2012 08:55:27 -0700 (PDT)
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On Aug 14, 12:47 pm, Alex Busam <> wrote:
> I make a backup image of the hole windows 2003 Server including oracle
> and the database and I like to transfer it on a new hardware. I will
> move the server on a new hardware.
> Will this work? Oracle on one core? Or Oracle on all four cores and a
> license violation?
> the old server is a 2 cpu single core 3,6 GHz Xeon. But I think the
> bottleneck is the i/o. It are 2 LDs as RAID1 in SCSI U320. LD1 is C: and
> LD2 is D: which contains the databasefiles.
> The new server will be a Xeon E5440 or 5460 and 4 or 6 SAS-Drives. With
> 4 Drives I will make a RAID 10. In this LD I will put C: and D.
> Otherwise with 6 Drives I make a RAID1 for C: an a RAID10 for D:.
> The CPU has ca. 4000 passmark (benchmark), the old has ca. 1000.
> And the i/o-device? How much faster will my config be confirmed with the
> old U320? I know that there are a lot of factors you (and I) don't know...

I wouldn't use an image copy on a machine that wasn't exactly like the original. I wouldn't trust anyone to make a machine that was exactly like the original either. But that's just me with my hard times experience. YMMV. Just changing the network address on the same machine is too much for some people.


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