(wrong string) ‚€“ Oracle Financials R12 ERP at NJ Princeton Area.

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Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2012 06:06:16 -0700 (PDT)
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On Aug 10, 6:23†am, Noons <wizofo..._at_yahoo.com.au> wrote:
> ddf wrote,on my timestamp of 10/08/2012 1:08 AM:
> >> Funny isn't it, how the email for all those contacts is the same.
> >> This is the fundamental flaw with all these "Hyderabad" companies: they like a
> >> "level playing field to compete openly" only when the field is tilted their way...
> >> Try and do this yourself in the US or Aus or Can or Europe and you'll get throttled.
> > The phone number he/she/it provides in the offending post isn't a NY
> > number, †it's a land line in Columbus, Ohio.
> Why am I not surprised?
> The way this sort of scam works is this:
> - Collect free resumes from suckers who reply to these posts.
> - Create a "database" from them, with false names. To be sold to headhunters and
> agents in the various western countries who think this sort of thing is "smart".
> Copious amounts of kickbacks shared all around.
> - Said headhunters/agents then "place" them with the HR departments of various
> companies. †To give them a "feeling" that the "outsourcing company(ies)" they
> represent all have great "professionals". Copious amounts of kickbacks shared
> all around.
> - Then once the HR departments flog them to IT, the idiotic and incompetent
> damagers who are after outsourcing-at-any-cost will then hire the company with
> the HR-recommended (via kickbacks, of course!) set of resumes. In the vain
> belief they are hiring a high calibre of people. Copious amounts of kickbacks
> shared all around.
> Apparently, it's called "shrewd business practices" and "the future of IT". †40
> years ago it'd have been dealt with liberal applications of tar and feathers.
> But the folks with the guts to do it are getting sparse...
> Don't get me wrong: I'm all for competition. †But on level playing field.
> Not horrendous, sub-human mafia quagmires.

I have to admit I sent him a resume for a Pilsner Q. Chogwallie, Certified Wordpad Administrator.

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