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Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2012 20:39:32 +1000
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joel garry wrote,on my timestamp of 2/08/2012 1:38 AM:

>> Not even close! Mind you, I was using "lingo"...
> lol, you must be a cunning linguist. What was it supposed to be?

Narh, I'm just originally Portuguese. Used idiomatic expressions. "vaga" is the word for "vacant job", and the word for "wave" as well. Don't ask me why - I just attended school there, I didn't do the dictionary! :)

"The original:
Patrícia, vá pró LinkedIn ou Feicebuque por favor. Aqui não se fala de "vagas", tá?"

Translated into a language that you and I can relate to: "Patrícia, jaunt to LinkedIn or Facebook (written as pronounced), please. Here we don't do "waves", K?"
Funny written in Portuguese, hopeless read in English. Yeah, I know I know: don't give up my day job... ;)

>> See, I don't have to go to LA!
>> Just down the hall and the Hyperion mob is right there!
> Brimming with enthusiasm, I'm sure.

Me? not really... :(
Actually, they're not half bad.
They could be java coders!
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