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From: Noons <>
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2012 17:04:51 +1000
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Mladen Gogala wrote,on my timestamp of 24/06/2012 2:30 AM:

> I must say, after all these years of working with Oracle, that I agree
> with you. I met so many people at Oracle that seemed to be open and have
> the sense of the user community, but it has all vanished into thin air. I
> remember Goff Squire, Chris Ellis, Richard Barker, Anjo Kolk and many
> others. I am aware that those names do not mean much to many of you, but
> they used to.
> Oracle Corp. turned into very monster it purported to fight against
> (Microsoft, IBM). At the same time, with the curious twist of fate, those
> two companies evolved into much more user friendly entities than Oracle.

Indeed and most unfortunately.

I must single out some of the local marketing folks from Oracle who have of late changed radically their positions re dbas. (about effing time!) At least, my management is not getting "partner" proposals to outsource me every second month - now they only show up once a year... I can live with that: it's part and parcel of normal advertising practices.

But it's too little, too late. The wanton disparaging of that career inj the last 10 years by Oracle, in their attempts at teflon-ing away their incredibly high licence and maintenance fees, is gonna bite them back, hard and long.

They were warned - many times, by myself and many others - that they were chasing wild geese with that strategy and essentially killing their own credibility. It happened first in NSW, now other states in Australia are falling in line in their changed attitudes to their product line.

Instead of a captive audience in all dbas, they now have a job category that is in general openly hostile to anything to do with them.

I do help run an Oracle SIG in Sydney which battles long and hard to generate any interest on new dba technologies and their use, as well as basic day-to-day dba stuff. Not once did we get one iota of support from Oracle. Not ONCE!

Their own "user's group" despite copious Oracle support, struggles to produce thrice a year one tenth of the attendance levels we realize on just about every single of our meetings. Not once has Oracle acknowledged or helped us in any way, shape or format. Quite the opposite in fact - I do well remember the disparaging and deprecating comments by some of the self-appointed local "experts" when the whole thing started a few years ago.

I shouldn't have bothered, but I do take exception when dbas are regularly disparaged and pointed out at as the "cause of all ills" in Oracle's own presentations and seminars. That is just completely unprofessional! Received on Wed Jun 27 2012 - 02:04:51 CDT

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