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> Open Source databases don't have the capabilities or the support
> options necessary to become a serious alternative to Oracle. I once
> looked at Postgres but it turned out that it's probably the worst of
> the possible alternatives.
> If someone wants to replace Oracle, commercial databases are the only
> game in town. DB2 for Linux is more than two times cheaper than
> Oracle, but IBM wasn't very serious about selling it and supporting it
> in the past. The latest version, available for a month or so is DB2
> v10 and there are some mixed signals. On one hand, there is quite a
> number of books available and it is available for free for the home
> use but, on the other hand, it is almost impossible to locate a price
> list on the IBM site. If IBM gets serious about mass selling DB2 on
> Linux, it would be the nightmare that Oracle should be very afraid of.
> MySQL is very far technologically from commercial databases like
> Oracle or DB2, and so is the rest of the open source database pack.

I will refrain from talking about the benefits of DB2 here, but as you mentioned having difficulties finding list prices, here is how you can find them for DB2 (LUW):
- go to the product page here:

  • here you can choose which edition you're interested in, let's assume you want the Enterprise Server Edition (ESE). Click on the appropriate link and you will get to the following page: html
  • in the right hand column, you will notice a green button labeled: "View US prices & buy". Just hit it, and you will get a pricelist.

You will notice it has several prices depending on license type. Here you will find more info on IBM license types (not specific to DB2): sing.html

HTH Cheers!

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