Re: DBWR performance

From: Noons <>
Date: Sat, 19 May 2012 21:50:49 +1000
Message-ID: <jp81eq$rmt$>

Mladen Gogala wrote,on my timestamp of 18/05/2012 10:17 PM:

> attempt of addressing this performance shortcoming has failed. However,
> if you stack up enough of Dell boxes together, you will get the same
> capacity as with a single iPower box, especially if you use Exadata.

That was the whole motivation to shove RAC down everyone's throats...

> I am not sure that the price will remain low, however. Hardware is now
> dirt cheap and for a price of a single Oracle license, I can buy 10 very
> good PC's. Having one powerful iPower machine with 8GB or even 16GB FC/AL
> interfaces and a decent general purpose SAN for DW is probably much more
> cost effective than having 4 way RAC, with Exadata. Performance should be
> comparable, if not better.

I can certainly confirm our 32 core iPower6 is an absolute screamer. Fastest box I've ever seen, at that price point. I do 8TB/day in a 3TB DW db - that's an average sustained 100MB/s IO rate 24X7, if it was averaged (it isn't). That P6 box is running as well a JDE system on AS400/DB2 emulation, and just about every other Peoplesoft db and app servers in our place, in multiple vio partitions. It hardly ever breaks a sweat! In peak periods, I've seen the SAN service the DW lpar at 730MB/s aggregate sustained, with hardly any I/O waits. On 2X4Gbps FC cards attached to the DW partition, that's just about as fast as one can hope to ever do I/O in such hardware. I'm looking forward to the 8Gbps FCs we have on order! Received on Sat May 19 2012 - 06:50:49 CDT

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