Re: Oracle v. Google jury returns partial verdict, favoring Oracle

From: chrisv <chrisv_at_nospam.invalid>
Date: Thu, 10 May 2012 08:46:25 -0500
Message-ID: <>

Sandman wrote:

>> >Which is as relevant to 99.999% of computer users as "if you don't
>> >like it, you can rebuild your house from scratch" is for 99.999% of
>> >house owners. Give or take :-D
>> Stupid statement from a Mac fanboi, because in the context of millions
>> of people, "you can do something" means "someone will do something",
>> assuming that it's worth the effort.
>Which is only relevant if that "someone" consider it as worth as you,
>and that you have a means to communicate that with that specific
>someone, which I know you know that just isn't true with open source

What nonsense. Received on Thu May 10 2012 - 08:46:25 CDT

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