Re: 11g Listener Logs

From: AM <>
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2012 10:27:27 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <>

On Apr 23, 9:55 am, joel garry <> wrote:
> On Apr 23, 6:17 am, ExecMan <> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I'm trying to find a good way to parse / audit the 11g listener logs.
> > In our 10g databases this was pretty simple.  A couple of procedures
> > and an external table pointing to the log and I can run queries and
> > gather stats by the hour, connect counts from different hosts, etc.
> > But, for 11g with the log being in XML and could be a number of logs,
> > I'm not quite sure how to get this accomplished.  I've been searching
> > around and trying to brainstorm and was looking to see what anyone
> > else has done.  I'm sure I'm not the first who wants to parse the
> > listener log and get stats / counts.
> > Thanks!
> Some people have done some similar things with the alert log:
> I'm lazy, I'd go along with the old scripts unless I saw something
> really kewl someone had already figured out.  I can see the reasons
> for adcri - all sorts of versions and platforms coming in to Oracle
> support, uniform and stratifiable error logging - but I'm hard to
> convince that they are better at any site than the simple olde ways of
> text files and a nice parsing language.
> jg
> --
> is bogus.

Short of writing some AWK script to go through the log every hour and parse / count occurrences, then pass that to the database to store in a table, I was hoping to do it from within the database. In 10g I just created an external table and a procedure to parse the log. That is working great. But it does not work with the log.xml, so I am looking for another solution. Received on Mon Apr 23 2012 - 12:27:27 CDT

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