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Date: 09 Apr 2012 23:06:53 GMT
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Mladen Gogala <> wrote in news:jlvl3l$3fq$

> For a very, very long time indeed, Perl ruled supreme among the
> languages to interface with a DB, be it Oracle, MySQL, Postgres or MS
> SQL. DBI was (and still is) a polished and useful interface which can
> do practically anything, from extracting query result and producing a
> quick little report using formats to complex things like copying
> Oracle to MySQL and doing it fast. Convenient things with Perl were:
> 1) Easy handling of piping and the ability to open commands by using
> stuff like open(LPR,"|lpr")
> 2) Multitude of modules available on CPAN
> 3) Regular expressions, still unsurpassed in their versatility
> 4) Availability of tools like perltidy or perlcritic and Perl
> syntax being well understood by both editors like Vim and operating
> systems like Emacs.
> 5) The fact that everybody knew it.
> I am now working for a company where everybody keeps telling that Perl
> is "old", Perl doesn't have an object model, it has a zoo instead, and
> that I should learn Python. I tried. God and Larry Ellison know that I
> have tried and gave it my best. The problem is, however, that I don't
> need a fully OO language to extract result of a query and mail it to
> my PHB. I need the "format" command and MIME::Lite. I was able to
> write the script both in Perl and Python and lo and behold, Perl was
> shorter and more elegant.
> So, at risk that I am called a dinosaur, I am asking the respected
> colleagues from this group what do you you use? Is there anything even
> remotely akin to Perl "format" command in Python? Why is that guy van
> Rossum not on the FBI's most wanted list?

Oh, but I just LOVE Python!
Here's some pointers that surely will convince you:

 < > 
 < > 
 < > 
 < > 
 < > 

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