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Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2012 10:35:35 -0700 (PDT)
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On Mar 21, 1:33 am, Jeremy <> wrote:
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> says...
> > > And what was the basis for Nixdorf's relational DB that was available
> > > on their Hitachi-based mainframes? Spent a couple of years at Nixdorf
> > > using that product and now cannot remember its name!
> > Was that still the independent Nixdorf Computer AG or after it was taken
> > over by Siemens (1990) to form Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme?
> > If the former, I can't help you I'm afraid.
> Yes it was the former - 1987 & 1988 if memory serves. We were using
> Nixdorf's Delta Cobol (a sort of 4GL) and this generated COBOL and
> interacted with the database - the fact I cannot remember its name is a
> worry! The mainframes ran what I think was an IBM o/s - might have been
> MVS.
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> jeremy

It would be more of a worry if someone wanted you to work on it now! :-)

When I administered on Compass Contract (now Manumatics, I think), I was not surprised to find a COBOL layer under the covers. For nuts 'n bolts type of manufacturing, it makes sense to have a basic infrastructure design for the ages, even if you have all sorts of new paradigms too hot to be under the covers.

I still work on 4GL stuff that shows its 1980 vintage roots. No worries, the decision will be made soon to upgrade to the browser version, or "stabilize" and go to SAP or whatever. Either way, all the work I can stand as long as I don't take my clothes off and go running around naked in the streets babbling about the devil or HP.


The OP article was referring to the missed earnings estimates a quarter ago. Now everything is all peachy keeny, the Sun is shining, the Exa is singing, and Larry the Black Attired will live happily ever after.


-- is bogus.
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