Re: can't find j2se sdk in sre6 just installed from oracle

From: Preston <dontwantany_at_nowhere.invalid>
Date: 18 Mar 2012 10:30:28 GMT
Message-ID: <4f65b944$0$2505$>

Ken Quirici wrote:

> I just installed the 32-bit sqldeveloper and it comes w/ java. when I
> started sqldeveloper it came up w/o even asking for java. I was
> surprised but pleased. I take back about 1/2 of my disparaging
> remarks about oracle's design of this installation process.

I've got a Win7 64 box to play on so I'll give it a go at some point. I have installed it a couple of times over the years, but never really used it much as PL/SQL Developer from Allround Automations is so much better.

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