question about startup nomount in windows 2003 64x

From: Havel Zhang <>
Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2012 21:54:50 -0800 (PST)
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hi All:

     I have a windows server 2003 64x, and I installed oracle 10g 64x software only. After that, I want to using dbca to create a database named e.g. dbserver. But install suspended when progress bar at 2%. Then, I using dbca create a script and running commands after the script said. I found the problem is on startup nomount command. So, I tested as follow step:

  1. I create a pfile,say: dbpfile.ora,just have one line: db_name="dbserver"
  2. oradim -new -sid dbserver #create instance
  3. set oracle_sid=dbserver #set env
  4. sqlplus /nolog
  5. conn / as sysdba;
  6. startup nomount pfile='dbpfile.ora'; --which dbfile.ora just have one line: db_name="dbserver" then, startup running,running and running ... without any error message. When Oracle in startup nomount level, Oracle just start process and allocate memory for it. Any one come cross the same problem? Can u help me or give me some clue? Thank you! :)
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