Re: oracle SE very slow on P7

From: Noons <>
Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2012 17:38:08 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <>

On Jan 29, 10:20 pm, nonor73 <> wrote:

> We move our JDE production DB, oracle 10GR2 EE, from IBM P570 with P6
> processor (4.2Ghz) on P740 with P7 processor (3.3Ghz). The first test
> we ran was an import mono process, on P740 it take two time than on
> P570, the import spent a lot of time in index build ans statistics
> computation.
> It seems that the multi-threading of P7 is not used when Oracle is used
> in mono-thread, and the performance of one thread on P7 is by far less
> good than P6.
> If someone get some experience on Oracle on P7, could you share..

To add to Mladen's already very good reply, consider the following:

  • P7 is a new architecture for Aix that is fully supported by Aix only on release 7.1 onward.
  • 10gr2EE is *not* certified for Aix 7.1 - and it actually needs a patch to run correctly in 6.1.

I'd consider upgrading to 11gr2(SE/EE) as that has full support for Aix 7.1 and hence for P7. Received on Sun Jan 29 2012 - 19:38:08 CST

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