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Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2012 10:26:11 -0800 (PST)
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On Jan 19, 9:38 am, Mladen Gogala <> wrote:
> It appears that Oracle 11G has a rather serious bug: it wraps SCN numbers
> around, when doing begin/end backup type of backup:
> One of the quotes in the article reminded me of the CIO who has saved 9.5
> million dollars on monitoring by switching to OEM. He was talking about
> thousands of databases. The interesting passage from the article (page 5)
> is here:
> "Again, only very large customers with many interconnected Oracle
> databases would be likely to run a significant risk of being affected by
> this problem. But the larger the Oracle environment, the longer this
> restoration would take. Typically, large organizations have the least
> tolerance for downtime."
> That's precisely the description of the company run by the guy who has
> saved millions. This could be funny. Of course, my confidence into Oracle
> is also a bit shaken, bugs on the level this fundamental are not supposed
> to happen. I should be able to trust my DB vendor with the same degree of
> trust as my stock broker. I know that my stock broker is not going to
> securitize worthless "liar loans", get the deceiving AAA rating for so
> created security, by the auditing agency owned by the same bank as the
> brokerage, sell that security to me and bet against the security they sold
> me with an insurance company. I must have the same level of confidence
> with my DB vendor, too.
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Well, the attack surface can be large even for a small company:

So, can script kiddies poison dns to point at their own VM with a compromised scn in it and a user already linked to? How about if they can steal a backup VM, or a plain old backup of an XE used in production? Does OCM world-publish enough info to know what to attack? Are employees ever disaffected?

Questions, questions, questions.


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