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Date: 10 Jan 2012 22:35:07 GMT
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> On Jan 9, 10:28 pm, Noons <> wrote:
> the MV3100's mentioned in the paper) that were used in the effort.

>> <yawn>
>> another ex-RDB "expert" telling us how good it was way back when.
>> There is a reason DEC and RDB are gone into history, deal with it.
>> And it has nothing to do with the competence or otherwise of the
>> folks using/not using it.

> Maybe so, but without DEC and Rdb, most of the technology used in RAC,
> and RDBMS itself would still be floundering as it did prior to the Rdb
> purchase which is why Larry bought it in the first place - and then
> licensed the cluster technology out of Tru64 from HP. I won't "bore"
> you with all of the other technologies that DEC either designed or
> brought to market that makes the technology world what it is today...
> but, you can start with ethernet(collaborative effort) and 64bit
> computing. DEC had marketing problems which showed in their decision-
> making processes - but had really great engineering - hardware and
> software - down to their chip design and manufacturing. Oh well, back
> to the present.

Show me in which year DEC "designed or brought to market" 64bit computing, and I'll show you some (non-DEC) examples from a (much) earlier date...

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