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Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2012 19:34:05 -0800 (PST)
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On Jan 4, 3:21 pm, onedbguru <> wrote:

> You are kidding, right?!?!?!...   I would have to categorically
> disagree with you here... Maybe you haven't worked in a real shop
> before... :)

No, I haven't. Please tell me what it is like? Because in 40 years of IT and 25 with Oracle, I certainly have never seen any of those "real" shops and I need you to tell me what they are like....

> data center with as many targets as they have, SAVING 9.5M is a BIG
> deal in licensing cost and even personnel cost. They have more than

What the hell has saving 9.5M - unqualified - have to do with EM? Do you know how to read English?

> Operations cost in a data center of that size is pretty amazing. 8000
> targets with > 2000 databases takes a LOT of human resources.

Unless they are a provider of db services, there is simply NO NEED whatsoever for "8000 targets with 2000 databases". And if they are, then 9.5M is way too low for that kind of work at that dimension.

> windows server.  Have you paid for a HPUX or AIX license recently ?
> Multiplied by 8000?  And the hardware maintenance costs?.. 9.5M is
> just a drop in that bucket.

And pray tell in what deranged univers is EM going to help reduce the number of Aix/HPUX licences?
Unless the number of databases and nodes is reduced, which ha NOTHING to do with EM.
Can you stay on the subject for longer than a sentence?

> 9.5M doesn't seem so great now does it?   With savings like that, they
> can employ more people (sys admin's, DBA's, operations support,
> application support, power substation support) , buy more servers,
> incur more licensing costs, take on more customers etc etc etc.  So, I
> wouldn't be so hasty in your disparaging remarks there...

I stand by what I said. Unlike you, who changed tack at every sentence.

> I have also worked for a company that was in the top 10 corporate
> customers for Oracle licensing.  Believe me, data centers of this
> size, you will spend much more in licensing cost than you can
> imagine.

Once again: what the heck has that got to do with EM? Wince when has EM helped anyone REDUCE the licenssing costs? Are you on this universe yet?

> I would add that if you paid for EM or the tuning/diag pack, you are
> an idiot. It is something you cannot not install and it is not
> something that can be removed and it uses your resources whether or
> not you "pay" for it.  These tools are an integral part of the
> database engine that cannot be separated.  IMHO, Anything that cannot
> be removed should be included in your licensing. Period.

Like I said: get a clue, learn to speak and read English. Then, and only then, comment.
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