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From: Mark D Powell <>
Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2012 06:22:10 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <>

On Jan 4, 1:59 am, DHILEN JOGI <> wrote:
> how to restrict unauthorized user by using logon trigger????
> means in my data dictionary i hv number ip to whom i want to give
> access n other i dnt want
> so how can i perform that by logon trigger ????????

Dihilen, your post is not very clear, access to what?

The sqlnet layer of Oracle has parameters that can be used to allow and block access to the listener based on IP addresses. This feature might be of interest to you.

You also failed to list your full version and edition of Oracle. Your options related to database event logon triggers vary somewhat on the version and if you have the Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition. With a modern version of the EE you could check the IP address of a session in a logon trigger and set a context value that is used by FGAC (VPD) to filter query results providing what you actually want to do is something that the VPD feature applies to. Like I said earlier your intent is not clearly stated.

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