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From: TheBoss <>
Date: 19 Oct 2011 21:28:11 GMT
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Mladen Gogala <> wrote in

> Recently, Oracle decided to close OCFS2 for all Linux vendors, except
> the O(E)L versions. That decision might make sense if the next
> generation file system being developed at Oracle Corp., the beast
> called "Btrfs", will have cluster capabilities. The design goals are
> described on Wikipedia:
> It is not a clustered file system but only "a better ZFS". With OCFS2
> becoming closed source and GFS2 not being supported, that is a big
> restriction for Linux users. Does anybody have any rumors? What are
> Oracle plans with respect to the cluster file systems? I finally
> succeeded in installing RAC on my F14 box, using my Ubuntu 10.10
> laptop as the file server, which is less than ideal solution.
> Will Oracle support GFS2? Single instance performance on GFS2 looks
> quite OK and not worse than the performance on Ext4. I will make a
> test suite and benchmark single instance on GFS2, Btrfs and Ext4, just
> to see whether there are any differences.

As you mentioned Ubuntu, may be GPFS is an option?

For additional info check the Wikipedia- and IBM-links in the article. Never used it myself, so ymmv.


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