Re: 32 bit Oracle RDBMS on 64 bit OS?

From: joel garry <>
Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2011 09:17:47 -0700 (PDT)
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On Sep 8, 3:00 pm, Dan <> wrote:
> I see from the Oracle certification matrix that they do not certify
> running a 32-bit installation of Oracle database against a 64 bit
> operating system.   But does anyone know whether this can be done,
> would it/could it work?  I was thinking about running 32 bit 10g
> standard edition on a 64 bit Windows OS (Windows8).
> Does anyone have any knowledge on this?
> Thanks,
> Dan

When I was poking around the intertubes a month ago trying to decide whether to go with XE 11g beta, I found posts that said things like "the trick to running XE on 2008 is to right click on the installer exe and set it to run under 2003 compatibility mode, and run as administrator. "

So I don't know, but poke about. I wound up deciding to make the admins give me a 32 bit OS and put the beta on it. Now I'm going to upgrade. As of yesterday, I didn't see a 64 bit version, which was supposed to be released with the production version, but I didn't look too hard.

You might look into running a linux VM under your desired OS, I'd guess you'll find all sorts of info about that.


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