Copying Oracle Database to 11.2

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Date: Mon, 8 Aug 2011 07:13:28 -0700 (PDT)
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We have an SAP system (ECC6.0) running on Oracle on Solaris 5.9 in, say, servera.

We are looking to copy it, and rename its Oracle SID, to a Solaris 5.10 server (serverb)
running Oracle 11.2.

The tentative plan is as follows:

(i) Install SAP/Oracle 11.2 on serverb.
(ii) Copy a cold backup of the servera database from tapes to serverb.
(iii) Rename the database to the new SID using "Create controlfile set
(iv) Run the SAP tool that upgrades Oracle to 11.2 so that the
database is upgraded (Skip the
part that install the Oracle binaries). SAP documentation indicates that this step works.

My question is on step #(iii).

On 11.2, will the "Create controlfile" command work if the database is 10g?

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