Re: LOB compression

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Date: 01 Aug 2011 21:04:43 GMT
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Mladen Gogala <> wrote in news:pan.2011.

> On Mon, 01 Aug 2011 08:26:46 -0700, Mark D Powell wrote:

>> Unfortunately, a lot of the better new features are all extra-cost
>> options.  It can be pretty difficult to keep track of what is OK to use
>> since so much of the extra-charge items come included with the database
>> like the AWR.  It is there and Oracle automatically collects data but if
>> you want to look at it you need the EM Diagnostic and/or Performance
>> Pack options.

> That is why my management asked me to find a way to decrease the number
> of Oracle licenses. I first was investigating PgSQL, but that was a dud.
> I'm in the process of investigating MongoDB for our DW, which would
> likely relinquish some RAC and partitioning licenses. Oracle became so
> darned expensive that this project got the highest priority.

Maybe DB2 can be a viable alternative?
From 9.7 onwards it has a rather good "Oracle compatibility mode", so you can run existing PL/SQL with almost no changes.


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