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Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2011 08:50:50 -0700 (PDT)
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On Jul 13, 10:02 pm, Monwar <> wrote:
> Sir, I am new database administrator so what i will do and how can i
> will become a expert? from where i will start to study. PLZ give me
> some tips. Thanks

Welcome! Here is a (slightly old) welcome to the group:

The best way to become an expert is to be inquisitive and try things on your own test systems. The best experts not only do that, but tell you how to do it too! So, as gazzag suggested, the very first thing to do is read the Concepts manual, and don't forget to re-read sections as you become more curious about particular concepts. The next thing, if you haven't already, is to download Oracle onto your own system. lets you download a full featured enterprise edition to your laptop or pc, assuming you have a relatively modern system. Also, your work ought to have a test system which reflects your production system, that of course varies by site. After that, different people have different ways they learn best, but it is better to use several different ways of learning: watch videos, read, make your own system fail, question what experts tell you by trying it on your own system, and especially learn how to participate in the various online fora. Pay close attention to the "How to ask smart questions" link in the readme, different fora have slightly different rules, but there are things that everyone appreciates such as: checking the docs before asking; be explicit about which versions and operating systems you are referring to; and if you are asking a coding question, give a script to set up a test case so people can quickly set up their own tests. People want to help, so help them help you! Always remember they can't see what is on your screen, so you have to tell them about it.

Database administrator has a variable definition, so where to go next is up to your situation. Check out the Tom Kyte books, and the ones he recommends at .


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