Re: changing to US7ASCII

From: Noons <>
Date: Fri, 01 Jul 2011 20:17:55 +1000
Message-ID: <iuk6sa$31j$>

Grille12 wrote,on my timestamp of 29/06/2011 8:32 PM:

> So I choosed WEMSWIN1252 (default one) in the hope to be able to change it
> to US7ASCII later. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be possible.
> Is there a way to change the charset of an oracle server (sitting on
> windows) from WEMSWIN1252 to US7ASCCI?
> Or, from which of the above available charset list can I change my server to
Normally, you do not change the server. You set the server -once!- to an encoding that can cope with the character sets you need to work with, then you set the client sessions via the NLS* parameters to the particular character sets you need to work with.

UTF-8 encoding in the server is a superset of ASCII and will cope with most other character sets other than the large multi-character/multi-alphabet oriental ones.

For straight through ASCII, if you use AL32UTF8 in the server and whatever from your above list at the client, you should be OK. If memory doesn't fail me.

(heck, it's been a while since the days of my dbs with google multi-encoded URLs!)

Here's an example of the different encodings and how to use them: Received on Fri Jul 01 2011 - 05:17:55 CDT

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