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Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2011 08:34:41 +0100
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In article <e0eb3577-194b-4cf9-8b42->, says...
> Jeremy:
> ... I was trying to answer (radius-
> search) one of my team came up with a solution storing the lat/long
> in a
> table column of type "mdsys.sdo_geometry" - I believe this does not
> require any Oracle options - available in SE.
> Then insert data into the column using a call such as:
> mdsys.sdo_geometry
> (2001,               -- This is the SDO_GTYPE attribute and it is set
> to
>                      -- 2001 when storing a two-dimensional single
> point
>                      -- such as a customer's location.
>  8307,               -- This is the spatial reference system ID
>                      -- (SRID), 8307 corresponds to "Longitude /
>                      --Latitude (WGS 84)
>  mdsys.sdo_point_type (-0.771618, 51.579601, null),
> null,
> null)
> ... Then query using the function "sdo_within_distance"
> JBH notes:
> ***********
> Sounds to me as if you are using Oracle spatial features and will need
> to be licensed appropriately.
> Oracle makes it easy to have features/options appear in database
> instances that you may not have appropriately licensed. Up to the DBA
> and IT management to carefully know how to install and select ( and
> deselect ) options that you are not licensed for.
> The Oracle spatial stuff comes in the mdsys schema ... check with
> Oracle and do your homework but I think if you start using this stuff
> you better be prepared to pay for it.

Thanks for your comments John.

This states:

"Oracle Locator (also referred to as Locator) is a feature of Oracle Database 10g Standard Edition. Locator provides core features and services available in Oracle Spatial. It provides significant capabilities typically required to support Internet and wireless service-based applications and partner-based GIS solutions. Locator is not designed to be a solution for geographic information system (GIS) applications requiring complex spatial data management. If you need capabilities such as linear referencing, spatial functions, or coordinate system transformations, use Oracle Spatial instead of Locator."

So it looks as though there is a subset of spatial features which do NOT require additional licensing.

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