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Date: Sun, 29 May 2011 01:44:09 -0700 (PDT)
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On May 19, 4:34 pm, prakash <> wrote:
> Yes, We offer you 100% placement in US…
> Our Advanges
> * For a participant belonging to IT and Non IT, we can put him onto a
> suitable IT Job (carrer building in IT)
> * We can help in Enhancing skills related to IT (100 courses/topics
> for Training)
> * Induction, Orientation and On-boarding
> * We provide support trainings to help you getting a job
> (Certifications/Resume Preparation/Interview preparation etc)
> * We give Marketing assistance to get a job (Direct Job Placement)
> * We provide all immigration Services (Visa Processing)
> How it works?
> * We have 12+ years of placement Experience with 300 consultants on
> our payroll.
> * Strong Financial stability to continue with commitments made to you.
> * Free Guest house and In-house support team to grill you towards
> interviews.
> * A team of BDMs to ensure hundreds of requirements from direct
> clients.
> * A strong team of 35+ recruiters to search & place you in Job within
> 4 weeks!
> What is the Procedure?
> You need to send your resume for screening. Our team will call you and
> discuss on various possibilities in marketing you. If required you,
> you will be asked to relocate to our free guest house for resume
> preparation and interview preparation (Two weeks). You may need to
> sign one-year simple work contract with all work terms. You may opt
> for salary package or percentage.
> Refer a friend!
> Do refer a friend who is in US or with H1B in india and get referral
> fee.
> Please send your resume immediately to

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