Re: Do we need multiple REDOLOG member if it is already on SAN box?

From: Noons <>
Date: Thu, 05 May 2011 23:26:15 +1000
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joel garry wrote,on my timestamp of 5/05/2011 2:16 AM:
> chunk (see page 32145):
> Contrast to this:

Yeah.... Amazing what this mob gets away with, isn't it? Even these guys: who I'd expect to be minimally responsible (or at least credible), come up with the weirdest points of view.

Only the nuclear industry would come up with the brilliant idea of sighting backup electrical generators in the SAME location as the target of those generators.

And what's the absolute best place to locate pools containing spent but highly radioactive nuclear fuel rods? The rooftop of the reactors themselves, of course!!!

I mean: doesn't ANYONE audit these guys??? Crap, I get audited at least twice a year and I'm nowhere NEAR anything as critical as one of these!

Yeah!: place all your backup tapes near the air-conditioner compressor motors, folks!

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