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Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2011 11:37:28 -0400
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The documentation
( says that "items" declared in the package declaration are publicly accessible. But I find that when I declare constants in the package declaration they are not visible from outside the package. I can write accessor functions to get the constants' values, but I can't access the constant directly.

Is there a simple way to expose public constants, or do I have to write get() methods for each one? (Oracle 10g, W2k3) Is there some reason why the constants are not exposed?

Here's what the docs say:

"Items declared in the spec ... are visible outside the package. Any PL/SQL code can reference the exception invalid_salary. Such items are called public.

To maintain items throughout a session or across transactions, place them in the declarative part of the package body. For example, the value of number_hired is kept between calls to hire_employee within the same session. The value is lost when the session ends.

To make the items public, place them in the package specification. For example, emp_rec declared in the spec of the package is available for general use."

Here's example code:

  myconstant CONSTANT VARCHAR2(8) := 'foo';   Function get_myconstant return varchar2; END mypackage;

Package created.

CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE BODY mypackage AS Function get_myconstant return varchar2
  return myconstant;
END mypackage;

Package body created.

select mypackage.myconstant from dual;

select mypackage.myconstant from dual

Error at line 1
ORA-06553: PLS-221: 'MYCONSTANT' is not a procedure or is undefined

select mypackage.get_myconstant from dual;


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