Re: ASM for single-instance 11g db server?

From: Matthias Hoys <>
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2011 23:27:48 +0200
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"John Hurley" <> wrote in message
> Mathias:
> # Is ASM actually recommended for a single-instance (non-RAC) Oracle
> 11g installation on Linux, when the storage redundancy is managed by a
> SAN?
> Sure Oracle is pretty much recommending ASM for everything these days
> right?
> We are using it for 11.1 non rac systems. Using EMC for storage
> redundancy ( raid 5 for test/dev raid 10 for prod ) and defining to
> asm the storage as already mirrored ( external redundancy I think is
> how you put it in sql ).
> You can also do "double levels" of redundancy by also mirroring in ASM
> while the storage array also does it. I think that is overkill but
> some people would at least think about that.
> # Is there a performance benefit when using ASM instead of ext3 or
> even the newer ext4 filesystems?
> You can "always" still fight thru setting up and using RAW type
> storage and avoid operating system overhead of file systems on linux
> if you want to. Using ASM though gives you that same type of
> performance with ( arguably perhaps until you get thru the learning
> curve ) easier/cleaner manageability than RAW storage.

Hello John,

Do you have any idea what the performance benefit would be when you compare ASM with a Linux file system? If it's only like 10%, the additional configuration and maintenance work might not be worth the effort for us.

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