Re: Sequence value after data refresh

From: Matthias Hoys <>
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2011 23:41:44 +0200
Message-ID: <4d94f4b4$0$14245$>

"sankarKK" <> wrote in message
> hi ,
> after refreshing testdb from proddb I'm having an issue
> We have 100 records in a table in testdb. Sequence=100.
> 200 records have been copied over from proddb. Sequence is still
> 100.
> When we try to insert next record, trigger tries to insert value 101
> for the
> sequence, and it causes error (value not unique). So, value of
> sequence has be
> be taken from the db where we get data.
> I'am confused that user has been dropped with cascade, so all objects
> have been dropped in testdb, imported newly from proddb,
> how sequence value is showing old nextval.
> thanks
> tcy

How did you copy the 200 records from the proddb to the testdb? After the schema refresh?

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