From: John Hurley <>
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2011 07:55:12 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <>


> From what I can see, I would suspect I need to have "target" database
> in the destination - one which can be "blown away" and then it is a
> matter of logging into both systems, setting up the link and then
> starting the expdp and then the impdp processes on SQLplus with the
> full=y option on the expdp.
> Does one need to do the same sort of PL/SQL recompile on the target as
> discussed with RMAN CONVERT process?  I did not yet see any discussion
> around that.

Yeah doing this requires the target database already created/running/ etc ... typically with tablespaces allocated/created already.

Using the network option the impdp gets the stuff from the source database using a network link so you don't do an expdp ... just impdp. Or you can expdp to a file ... then impdp from a file and avoid network link.

I typically script it up with a bunch of steps like dropping the receiving side schema owners first, creating/recreating the link and directory objects ... then impdp using network link.

Shouldn't have to do "much" with recompiling stuff after ... but I always have a procedure in each schema that recompiles stuff in it ... and usually hit that at the end of any signficant refresh ( or application schema change etc ). Received on Wed Mar 30 2011 - 09:55:12 CDT

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