Re: Particular file (PDF) cannot be loaded into Oracle BLOB. Makes sense ?

From: Syltrem <>
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2011 09:37:41 -0400
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On Mar 24, 2:06 pm, Jeremy <> wrote:

> In article <XsLip.726032$>,
> says...
> > I'm still in doubt with all Oracle support told me about the files
> having to
> > be "supported" (or be of an Oracle "known" type).
> I think that is utter rubbish. It's just bits.
> --
> jeremy
> Yes, bits is bits except when you take a binary file and add CR/LF
> pairs when it shouldn't. IIRC, there is/was a switch somewhere that
> caused SAMBA to leave the file alone an not try to "translate" it - it
> behaves as if the file is transferred to the SAMBA share on VMS in
> ASCII mode which adds the CR/LF because it is not smart enough to know
> that it is a binary vs a text file.

Possible, but strangely Samba can retrieve the file from VMS and present it to Acrobat running on Windows, and Acrobat is happy with it. So it's unlikely that going to HP to get support on Pathworks (Samba) will go anywhere as it's fine from their point of view.

But obviously when you *don't* use Samba to read the file, it seems to be misinterpreted.
When I FTP the file to VMS it gets there as a fixed length record size, 512 bytes.
When using Samba, it's variable size records. So possibly Oracle thinks it's some ascii file ending with CRLF and does not load it properly. I could probably play with the file/record attributes and get it to work but I already worked around the problem so for this time, I'm finished with that. At least I know what's wrong, as it could happen again with other files and I'll know what to do.

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