Re: Particular file (PDF) cannot be loaded into Oracle BLOB. Makes sense ?

From: Syltrem <>
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2011 11:41:31 -0400
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"gazzag" <> wrote in message On Mar 17, 1:34 pm, "Syltrem" <> wrote:
> No error. It's just that some extra characters are added into the BLOB.
> For instance, I see that a 0A is added following each 0C (LineFeed added
> following each FormFeed).
> So if the PDF contains 50 FormFeeds, then 50 LineFeeds are added, making
> 50
> characters to be truncated from the end of the file (the BLOB length
> always
> matches the file's length).
> And the problem is with INSERTING the file into the BLOB. The extraction
> from Oracle is not the problem, which I can prove by loading the same PDF
> with a dot net program, and extracting it successfully with the same
> extraction procedure. dbms_lob.loadBLOBfrofile does the damage.
> This is with
> Yesterday, I downloaded Acrobat Pro trial version. I created a new PDF
> file
> with it (from a MS-Word document), loaded it into Oracle, and could not
> retrieve it in good condition. I have not gone into the details yet but I
> suspect the same problem.
> Strangely, I have other PDF coming from different sources, that work
> without
> problem. Actually, I was surprised that I could not use a PLSQL program
> that
> I used for a couple of years to load other PDFs, to load these new ones.
> Can't tell what Oracle does not like about these new ones.
> And yes I see there are many example out there showing how to load and
> extract PDF with Oracle, but non mentions that some PDF (nor any other
> file
> types) are not "supported".
> Thanks
> Syltrem
> Not sure if I posted this properly, so will try again:
> Do you have any O/S details? Could it be a MS Windows / Unix CR/LF
> conversion issue?
> -g

Production is on OpenVMS 8.4 / Itanium but I also tried with Windows XP, Oracle XE and got the same problem.

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