Re: Particular file (PDF) cannot be loaded into Oracle BLOB. Makes sense ?

From: Syltrem <>
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2011 09:34:49 -0400
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"Steve Howard" <> wrote in message On Mar 15, 1:36 pm, "Syltrem" <> wrote:
> Hello
> I have a particular set of PDF files that cannot be loaded successfully
> into
> an Oracle BLOB column.
>Do you have an actual error message?

No error. It's just that some extra characters are added into the BLOB. For instance, I see that a 0A is added following each 0C (LineFeed added following each FormFeed).
So if the PDF contains 50 FormFeeds, then 50 LineFeeds are added, making 50 characters to be truncated from the end of the file (the BLOB length always matches the file's length).

And the problem is with INSERTING the file into the BLOB. The extraction from Oracle is not the problem, which I can prove by loading the same PDF with a dot net program, and extracting it successfully with the same extraction procedure. dbms_lob.loadBLOBfrofile does the damage.

This is with

Yesterday, I downloaded Acrobat Pro trial version. I created a new PDF file with it (from a MS-Word document), loaded it into Oracle, and could not retrieve it in good condition. I have not gone into the details yet but I suspect the same problem.
Strangely, I have other PDF coming from different sources, that work without problem. Actually, I was surprised that I could not use a PLSQL program that I used for a couple of years to load other PDFs, to load these new ones. Can't tell what Oracle does not like about these new ones.

And yes I see there are many example out there showing how to load and extract PDF with Oracle, but non mentions that some PDF (nor any other file types) are not "supported".

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