Re: Desperately looking for Oracle 7.2.3!!

From: Noons <>
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2011 21:21:14 +1100
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joel garry wrote,on my timestamp of 10/03/2011 8:32 AM:

> Meanwhile, 37signals says IT departments aren't needed any more, you
> can get everything you need from a web site somewhere.

37signals is way behind the times! As usual, these sensationalistic "web 2.0" sites rely on bombastic statements to bring attention to them, rather than thinking their propositions through.

Forgot when was the last time I worked in one of those unresponsive old-style IT departments they talk about. Probably sometime last millenium.

Ours has been doing the "private cloud" thing since long before the term got into widespread use. Of course: it takes a special kind of management and folks to get something like that going. But we've managed so far.

You wouldn't believe how much Oracle has been pushing to replace our IT Psoft operation with their SaaS offering. What they of course don't realize is that selling SaaS to an EXISTING Oracle account is called CHURNING. While selling it to a brand new client might actually be a good thing for Oracle.

And we actually do a little bit more than just Peoplesoft... In fact if anything, Peoplesoft is the smallest of our applications!

Basically, if we go with their offering - a very debatable thing at the moment - they will lose their current yearly Psoft maintenance. That is just about as much as they'll collect for SaaS.
Net value for Oracle in this churning? 0 (zero). And they still have to deliver the SaaS thing, at their own cost. Whereas before all they had to do was collect the maintenance fee...
But don't expect Oracle reps will explain that little detail to their bosses!

Of course: it might actually happen that we drop Oracle completely and go with something else completely different.

SAP and DB2 are the obvious options. Hey: DB2 runs PL/SQL nowadays - that's all we need!

Overall outcome for Oracle in their little "get shorty" revenge campaign? Er... I'd call it a FAIL!... ;) Received on Thu Mar 10 2011 - 04:21:14 CST

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