Re: ORA-01436: CONNECT BY loop in user data

From: Michel Cadot <micadot{at}altern{dot}org>
Date: Tue, 8 Mar 2011 17:26:04 +0100
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"Nimish Garg" <> a écrit dans le message de news: On Mar 8, 2:30 pm, "Preston" <dontwant..._at_nowhere.invalid> wrote:
> Nimish Garg wrote:
> > On Mar 7, 9:30 pm, "Michel Cadot" <micadot{at}altern{dot}org> wrote:
> > > If you want to promote your blog, post this in
> > >
> > It is not just about promoting, it is also about sharing information.
> Nimish, posting links to your blog to answer specific questions would
> be fine; posting random links like this isn't - it's considered spam.
> Imagine what would happen if the thousands of people with an Oracle
> blog or website did the same? This group would instantly become
> unusable.
> If you want to let people know about your blog, put a link to it in
> your .sig so anyone who's interested can see it when you reply to other
> people's posts.
> --
> Preston.


I am not spamming on this group, as many other r doing with their adult content.
and also i am not posting many links of my blog here on regular interval.
if u see my post there r only 2 links of my blog in 4-5 day, that cant be called spamming.
And also when it is somehow related to this group only.

Thanks & Regards
Nimish Garg

One link is sufficient to be a spam when it is inappropriate and yours are. In addition, in a professional newsgroup or forum do not use IM/SMS speak, it just shows your childish level.

The rule is simple in this forum: if you have an answer to a question post it; if your blog answers to a question post the link; in your .sig you can put a link to your blog but for this you must *first* have an answer to a question.

When everyone says you are wrong, you should think about it, maybe you are really wrong whatever you thought till now.

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