Passing one array per field into procedure.

From: seanD <>
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2011 09:57:20 -0800 (PST)
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I hope this is not too vague of a question, but let me know if better clarification is needed. I am going to be replacing a java/hibernate based "data feed" with a pl/sql package. By data feed, I mean Oracle fusion will be used to call our stored procedures with data to be integrated into our schema. By integrated, I mean - foreign keys looked up and populated, data validations, etc. It had been strongly suggested that I use arrays as the arguments to the stored procedure instead of "table of" .

My questions are: Anyone have experience calling a stored procedure with one array per field where there are a large number of fields (like 30+)? I ask because there are not really 3 dimensional arrays to be used righ? Does anyone have any thoughts on this approach? Again, this will be called from java. the database is 10G. Any ideas (links) on how to manage these arays once they are passed in?

Any ideas are welcomed. And again if I have been unclear please let me know.

Thanks !

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