dbms_server_alert.tablespace_byt_free measures really KB?

From: Lothar Armbrüster <l.armbruester_at_vertriebsunion.de>
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2011 07:27:08 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <78016eb5-65ee-49d3-935b-bb596a5f6d02_at_e9g2000vbi.googlegroups.com>

Hello out there,
I tried to configure alerts for full tablespaces using dbms_server_alert.set_threshold. Since we do not have licensed diagnostics pack I cannot do this with dbconsole. I have to resort to the command line.
Anyway, I want to get a warning when the tablespace has less than 1GB free space.
So I issued the following command:


   dbms_server_alert.set_threshold(metrics_id => dbms_server_alert.tablespace_byt_free,

                                   warning_operator =>
                                   warning_value => '1048576',
                                   critical_operator =>
                                   critical_value => '204800',
                                   observation_period => 1,
                                   consecutive_occurrences => 1,
                                   instance_name => null,
                                   object_type =>
                                   object_name => 'TS_TABLES');

But now I get a critical warning saying tablespace TS_TABLES only has 8505 MB free space left.
Therefor the question is: are the units of dbms_server_alert.tablespace_byt_free really KB as described in the documentation or are this MB as I suspect? Setting the thresholds to 1024 and 200 the alerts disappear but I want to be sure that I get warnings if there are fewer than 1GB left and not fewer than 1MB. In the latter case there would not be enough time to react. :-)

This is Oracle on Windows 2000.

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