Re: Big disappointment with Postgres

From: Mladen Gogala <>
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2011 13:20:13 +0000 (UTC)
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On Wed, 09 Feb 2011 22:06:19 +1100, Noons wrote:

> But of course we know they are all geniuses and any field experience for
> them is flawed by "dba attitudes". And other such lunacy. Typical
> Stonebraker attitude.

I decided to write the hint system myself. Given the current state of my projects, I am in the middle of writing another PHP book, it will take me a few months, maybe even a year, but I will do it. If that doesn't get entered into the code, I will start working on a fork. Stonebraker lost to Oracle precisely because of his attitude. Unfortunately, he has passed that "artistic" attitude down to his heirs. I was wondering why Oracle didn't go after Postgres and it did go after MySQL and I figured it out. Postgres is, essentially, a harmless artistic project which doesn't stand much chance of ever taking hold in the corporate server rooms. They experienced a surge of interest with the raising prices of Oracle, but it will pass. For that project to really be successful, it would have to be wrestled out of the hands of the former pastry bakers and their ilk.

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