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Date: Mon, 31 May 2010 12:18:37 -0700 (PDT)
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On May 29, 6:13 pm, John Hurley <> wrote:
> Charles:
> # I was curious, so I spent good money on the book.  For most of the
> Oracle books that I have read in the last two years I have posted
> detailed reviews of the books on Amazon.
> Curious ... like curious yellow?

LOL, I assume you weren't referring to

> Doing a little checking yup it sure looks like you are referring to a
> book by "he who must not be named" ... the voldemort of index
> rebuilding and golden bullets.
> Hey if you want to go a wedding and do the chicken dance by all means
> go ahead ... it may be a whole lot less fun than you imagine however.

You might want to dig further into Charles' web site and otn postings, he provides a valuable service by going into detail on exactly what is wrong with the golden showers of silver bullets, furthering the tradition of some other people we respect, and being polite about it too. As entertaining as the Cherry Sisters and other nastiness was, it hurt the cause of scientific inquiry some, simply saying everything someone writes is bad just because they wrote some obviously bad stuff and are arrogant about it - well, I happen to agree with the sentiment, but it's both bad PR and logically inconsistent. Even as recently as this past month, oracle-l was spreading rumors about the fellows business I wouldn't repeat here, which I can't help but think comes from the bias engendered from all the previous controversies. Of course, politeness and sarcasm are difficult to distinguish on the internet, and that can be fun.

It doesn't have to be fun when the motivation runs deep:


-- is bogus.  "Newsman Dennis Morgigno informed attendees of
the Golden Fleece awards banquet Thursday that the La Jolla Children’s
Pool seal controversy finally had been resolved and the seals are
gone. Then he ad-libbed: “Enjoy your roasted harbor seal” … While
accepting a Golden Fleece from the county Taxpayers Association for
San Diego city schools’ support of a parcel tax, board President
Richard Barrera announced that a new superintendent finally had been
selected: Joe Arpaio, the sheriff of Arizona’s Maricopa County (who
promotes himself as “America’s Toughest Sheriff”). " - Diane Bell
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