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From: Shakespeare <>
Date: Sat, 29 May 2010 11:43:57 +0200
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Op 28-5-2010 0:20, Tim X schreef:
> <knip>
> Many web hosting companies provide MySQL. Very few provide Oracle. I
> think this is mainly because a lot of web applications really only use
> databases in a very limited way - essentially a repository for key-value
> pairs. MySQL is pretty good for this type of use, while Oracle is
> overkill.

> Tim

The Oracle license model hardly allows for using an Oracle database in the way most MySQL databases are used for websites:

  1. XE (free) allows only small servers, and only one installation per server (even on vmware, citrix or whatever) and has some serious limitations in commercial use.
  2. SE One : only 2 sockets allowed, has to be licensed for processor license, so will start at about 5000 US $, 1000 $ Yearly support and has to be licensed by the client, not the hosting company. So the license can not be shared among clients, even if they would share the same database.
  3. SE (15000 US $), EE (40000 US $) are just too expensive to use for ordinary websites.

So from a licensing point of view, it could be smart for Oracle to brand a MySQL fork as OMySQL of MyORCL to be used in the same way MySQL is used now.

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