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From: Shakespeare <>
Date: Mon, 24 May 2010 22:59:47 +0200
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Op 24-5-2010 20:26, Chuck schreef:
> Anyone here running a production Oracle Linux environment on vmware? I'm
> curious of how your experience with it has been. What platforms have you
> used? Has the technology worked well for you or have there been serious
> problems? What about support issues since vmware is not an officially
> supported virtualization technology according to Oracle support.
> I've already read the vmware sales stuff. I'm interested in hearing real
> world experiences.
> TIA.
One note: running Oracle on vmware may have serious consequences for your licenses. Suppose you run a virtual machine with one virtual CPU on a dual quad core server, then you'll have to license the whole server (so all 8 cores). Named User Plus (NU+) licenses may circumvent this, but will have consequences on the minimum required licenses (25 per CPU for enterprise edition, 100 for a dual quad core server). Even worse: if you use a vmware farm with vmotion, you have to license the whole farm.

This is not the case for so called 'hard partioning' (according to Oracle) like IBM lpar or Oracle VM.

We run Oracle on vmware (with NU+) on SLES, with no problems at all.

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