Re: oracle 11g takes much longer to start

From: zigzagdna <>
Date: Tue, 18 May 2010 14:15:55 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <>

On May 18, 9:50 am, ddf <> wrote:
> On May 18, 8:15 am, vsevolod afanassiev
> <> wrote:
> > Could be related to memory management: Oracle 9 and 10 create only one
> > shared meemory segment on startup, Oracle 11 may create many segmeents
> > in order to allow dynamic SGA resizing.
> Not necessarily.  9i did not use NUMA for shared segments, although it
> did use NUMA for private memory areas. 10gR2 changed that and
> configured both shared and private memory for NUMA which results it
> multiple shared memory segments created at startup.  This depends upon
> your hardware configuration and  O/S (both must be NUMA-enabled) but
> without setting additional parameters or applying a patch 10gR2 can
> start multiple shared memory segments and you may not know it's being
> done.

I found a bug in Oracle 11g today related to startup, I did startup

It said Oracle instance started
Shwhed me sga information
SHowd Database Mounted

After mounted it got hung, in the past after 10 minute sor so, it will show I thing database open, but today it did for hours.

I thought my database was not opened. then my users told that they are accessing database without problem,

So, I opened another problem and wow I could connect so database was open eventhough it wa shung in startup.

HAs anyone notice dthis with Oracle

This Oracle is really buggy. I did not notice while I was testing for last 3 months, but as soon as I went to production, I have encountered this problem.

Now my scripts for shuttiong down database etc will not work because they will hung. Received on Tue May 18 2010 - 16:15:55 CDT

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