Failure to extend rollback segment N because of 1000 condition

From: ca111026 <>
Date: Fri, 14 May 2010 14:52:28 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <>

I got strange error message in alert.log for database (64-bit) on AIX 5.3

ARC0: Completed archiving log 4 thread 1 sequence 123305 Fri May 14 21:05:55 2010
Failure to extend rollback segment 15 because of 1000 conditionFULL status of rollback segment 15 set.
Fri May 14 21:05:59 2010

I am familiar with 30036 error, but not with 1000. In fact error 1000 has nothing to do with rollback/undo

oracle> oerr ora 30036
30036, 00000, "unable to extend segment by %s in undo tablespace '%s'"
// *Cause: the specified undo tablespace has no more space
// *Action: Add more space to the undo tablespace before retrying

//           the operation. An alternative is to wait until active
//           transactions to commit.

oracle> oerr ora 1000
01000, 00000, "maximum open cursors exceeded"
// *Cause:
// *Action:

The database is configured with automatic undo management. This is batch processing system, undo generation is stable at approximately 60,000 blocks per 10 min interval (as per V$UNDOSTAT), or 360,000 blocks per hour. Undo retention is set to 28,000 seconds, or 8 hours. To keep 8 hours of undo we need approximately 3 million blocks (2,880,000), or 24 GB as database uses 8K blocks. Undo tablespace is 60 GB, approx 50% free.
So everything seems to be configured correctly, why the error? Received on Fri May 14 2010 - 16:52:28 CDT

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