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Date: Sat, 8 May 2010 17:46:50 +0200
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John Hurley wrote:
> Steve:
>> The company I work for is currently trying to redeploy Maximo (CMMS
>> software). We are trying to figure out the value of using the
>> Standard Modifiers Dictionary. I was wondering if anyone has used
>> Standard Modifiers Dictionary and what the impact has been for your
>> company. Thank you,
>> Steve
> Never heard of Maximo before. What's a Standard Modifiers Dictionary?
> Some set of rules about table and column names?

Maximo is an Enterprise Asset and Service Management application suite. A few years back, the comany that owned the oftware was bought by IBM, and after that the Maximo software is (being) incorporated into the Tivoli suite.
Although one of our customers is running Maximo, I don't know what the SMD is, as we only are responsible for the DBMS-support (in our case: DB2 LUW). The OP shouldn't have asked his question in the Oracle and DB2 groups, but in a Maximo related forum like:

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