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From: Terry Dykstra <>
Date: Wed, 05 May 2010 17:08:40 GMT
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> Carlos wrote:
>> On May 5, 2:58 am, John Hurley <> wrote:
>>> Mladen:
>>>> Well, yes, that is true. However, I don't think that you will find any
>>>> Ubuntu servers in the Fortune 500 company server rooms, running 
>>>> critical
>>>> services. That is still entrusted to Red Hat.
>>> Not many probably ... Red Hat and OEL seem to be the only 2 flavors
>>> ( one really I guess you could argue ) that we see in my area.
>> We run SuSE ES 9 64!! ;-)
>> Cheers.
>> Carlos.

> As an aside, I just installed Ubuntu 10 on an older pc I am setting up for
> one of my kids. This is my first linux desktop install in quite awhile
> (Suse 9) and I have to say I'm impressed at how much friendlier it has
> become. Connecting to internet via a wireless bridge repeater and it had
> no problems finding it, wanted to put all the educational programs on it
> and that was accomplished with a simple "sudo apt-get install
> edubuntu-desktop" and going for a coffee while it did that. No more
> installing never ending daisy chained libraries/dependencies just to
> install a simple app this time.

> Is it linux for mom & pop yet? Not quite, but for my mom who uses her PC
> strictly for internet browsing, scanning old pics and downloading from her
> digital camera, definitely. Perhaps cut down on all the "there is this
> window that tells me my computer is probably infected and offering a free
> virus scan popping up, should I click ok?", or at least not worry about
> them as much..

> But getting her to install something with sudo apt-get..? nope

You can install packages completely through the gui. No need for commandline stuff.

Terry Dykstra
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